5 Best iPhone Apps for Designers

Apple’s iPhone 5 is by far the most amazing device with bigger screen size and fingerprint system. Apple’s app marketplace is also the best as it contains thousands of apps for everyone even for designers. There are lot of iphone apps for designers which can make their work easy. If you have an iPhone in your hand and you are a designer then you should know about the amazing apps which you can use to get the most of your device and your designing skills Everyone likes to work efficiently and smartly to save time. Using these apps, you can save a lot of time and they will make your work process easier.

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iPhone Apps for Designers

Here are some of those designer apps :

 1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express app allows users to edit photos on ipad, iphone or ipad touch. The app offers a set of editing tools which are really easy to understand. You can do whatever you want to do with your photos using these fun tools provided in the editing tool set. It also works with the photoshop.com online service. And it also works with the built-in cameras on the iphone and ipod touch. You can make adjustments using the full screen instead of using small slider controls. It’s totally free and is the biggest advantage.  But this app has a number of disadvantages also. It does not provide a wide range of features. It works with photoshop.com but the online edited photos cannot be saved or edited on your device. But yes, you can share it.

2. iA Writer

iA writer is a text editor for Mac OS X and iOS. It gives you a total white sheet where you can write without any distractions. The user can sync documents with iCloud or dropbox across the device. It provides a sync button through which you can refresh and can find if the documents you are getting are of the latest version or not. The typing view of iA writer is full screen which is good. So this is an app which makes you write more by seeing less.

3. Evernote

Evernote allows bookmarking any webpage or save any kind of file that user can retrieve. It is one of the best apps out there for keeping everything organized. Here the note can be a formatted text, a photograph, a voice memo, a full webpage or a handwritten note. The notes can also have file attachments and these notes can be sorted in folders. Not only sorting, the notes can also be given comments, can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched and can be exported as a part of the note. It provides you many options. Making use of the audio note you can record whatever you want to and then afterwards you can listen to it and can also re-record. It also provides a web clipper utility by using it you can gather information from the web . You can save your searches. If you like your note then you can tweet your note directly into your evernote notebook. You can send your note to facebook, twitter or can email your note directly from the evernote notebook.

4. CloudOn

CloudOn provides you the applications and the files you need in a single workspace. It allows you to email your files directly from the workspace. It allows you to view virtually any kind of files including JPG, PDF, PNG,GIF etc. You can rename, delete, and manage documents with your box, DropBox, skydrive and googleDrive accounts. It also allows you to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to your iphone to create and edit documents. And it automatically saves the document. But you have to be online while using this app.

5. Paper

Paper is one of the great tools out there if you are a sketch lover. If you like to sketch then you will definitely like this app. It provides a variety of tools like outlining, writing, sketching, coloring and more. The main advantage of this app is that whatever you draw you can share it using social media or email.

If you are using any of these apps above on your iPhone 5 or any other model, do share your experience of using these iphone apps for developers.