5 Best iPhone Stock Apps

Apple’s app store contains thousands of applications that makes your work easier. If you are a market lover and you like to keep information of markets and you are also a serious investor then Apple app store provides a number of Stock apps for you. These apps are really amazing. They provide the exclusive breaking news about the world’s market. You can also keep track of any specific company, commodities or anything else using these applications. If you want any companies description or you want to estimate a company’s value then you can get it done in few seconds. Some of these applications are:

1. Bloomberg

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Bloomberg app updates you on what’s happening in the market. So if you are an investor then you’ll definitely love this app.   It offers stock quotes, news, market leaders/laggers, company description, market trend analysis, price charts, and more. It gives you the most accurate and timely information about the world’s market. This application is divided into several sections. News section updates you with the top financial stories. Index section is really great as you can drill down the index and can see what sectors are moving as well as what individual stocks are moving. You can put all sorts of ticker symbols for stocks. By a single click on the ticker it will bring up a information of a stock and latest news on the stock. It’s free of cost and a great application to use.

2. CNBC Real-Time

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CNBC Real-Time application is the only free application that provides you real time stock quotes before, during as well as after market hours direct from NASDAQ & NYSE. Using this app you can track any company’s stocks live, in real- time, and you’ll get an access to integrated charts and every related news headlines. No matter where you are you’ll get the CNBC’s latest exclusive news. You can create your own stocks watchlists. It provides you with company specific news, profiles, videos, returns and key metrics. So if you have this app you can get any news related to market no matter where you are.

3. Yahoo Finance

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Using this app you can get daily news and market conditions. You can track the stocks live and can get the details when the markets are open and even when it is closed. You can also track industries, commodities and more. You can organize the stocks  at a glance. You can scan news articles, quotes, graphs etc. If you shake your phone it will take you back to the main menu. It is one of the best apps for market watch. When you select a company its chart appears. You can select from 1 day, 1 week and so on upto 2 years.

4. Stock Alerts

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Stock Alert app is really great. It alerts you when a stock price reaches a certain price. You can use this app to alert you whenever a stock’s price reaches to your buy or sell price without monitoring screen all the time. So it gives you all types of alerts/notifications for stocks. And therefore if a price goes above a certain amount or below a certain amount you’ll get a notification.

5. Financial Calculator

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This application performs financial calculations. It handles net present value, bond valuation, cash flow analysis, interest computations and amortizations. If you give the data to this app it will calculate its value almost instantaneously. So if you want to calculate a company’s value just plugin the data that is needed and you’ll get the result in few seconds.