5 Best iPhone Tracker App

Whenever you lose a phone, all you data is gone. Earlier the loss was limited up to the hardware only but now a days if you lose you phone or it gets stolen then you will lose data such as photos, music, contacts and apps that you searched and installed over a period of time. Beside these, the person who will find you phone can access you social networking accounts such as Facebook, twitter because we normally don’t sign out from these accounts in the mobile. The situation can become more worse if you are doing banking from you mobile. In such cases, the banking password should be changed immediately.


Having a smartphone in your hand has it’s won advantages. Almost all the smartphones have apps which can help you in recovering you stolen or lost phone. These apps can track your iPhone or any other smartphone that you have. You simply need to install these apps on your iPhone and do some settings. And later on you can the location of your iPhone online but it should be connected to internet.

Below is the list of apps which can help you track you iPhone 5 :-

  1. Find my iPhone
  2. GadgetTrak
  3. Device Locator
  4. IHound
  5. IF Found+
  6. Mobile Spy
  7. Phone Trace 4
  8. Motion Alarm
  9. Navizon
  10. Find My Friends

Out of these Find my iPhone is really best. It can do a whole lot of things on you phone remotely. Let’s look at some features of Find my iPhone :-

  • It will locate your missing iPhone on a map
  • It can display a Message
  • It can Play a sound even if your iPhone is on Silent
  • It has feature of locking your device remotely
  • And Offcourse it helps you in protecting your data.
find my iphone 2 5 Best iPhone Tracker App

Find my iPhone App

GadgetTrak has one more smart feature. It can take the picture of thief with the built in camera. Secondly, the thief cannot delete GadgetTrack from the iPhone because it’s restricted. You have to $3.99 to buy this app and install it on your iPhone.

gadgetrak 5 Best iPhone Tracker App


For few of these apps you need to upgrade your iPhone 5 and above and get an Apple ID or iCloud account. Once you have these, you can download the apps and set it to track your iPhone. You can track multiple devices from the app as you can see above in the GadgetTrak App. You will get all these apps in iOS store. Hopefully you will never lose your iPhone but in Case!

If you have used any of these, do share your experiences with us as how the app helped you in tracking your iPhone.