5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Yoga is always a good option if you want to feel better. Yoga is beneficial in many ways and it can done at home by everyone. It can be done by old people as well as younger ones. It relaxes your mind and keep many diseases away if you do it regularly. The yoga experience can be more fun if you have an iPhone or iPad. The applications that we found for Yoga apps are simply awesome. Apps shows you every pose of yoga and how to do it right. Every morning when you wake up, you don’t have to think. Simply open the app on the iPhone or iPad and start doing Yoga. There is no exercise better than Yoga.


Here are 5 Top Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad :-

Pocket Yoga

Step by step instructions are included in this app for yoga practice. Pocket Yoga is perfect for your morning yoga practice. It included various flow to follow along yoga practices. You can also customize photos, music and the instructor’s voice. The app is not free and you need to pay $2.99 to download it from iTunes.

 5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Yoga for iPhone

Yoga Studio :

Yoga studio has a virtual assistant which will guide you through all yoga poses. You can create playlists of your favorite songs during practices and can listen to your preselected songs instead of songs that comes with the app. The Yoga studio comes at a price of $2.99 at iTunes.

 5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Yoga Studio for iPhone

Simply Yoga

It works as personal instructor of yoga practices. You can select your workout length and routine according to your needs. Secondly you can always start where you finished last i.e. You can start any particular pose in the app. Simply Yoga is really good for all Yoga people.

 5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Simply Yoga for iPhone

Daily Yoga

Daily yoga is available for both fresher yogi’s and experienced. Daily yoga app is very easy to use and you can go for long sessions of yoga. This app is totally free on iTunes. So you can get it right now.


 5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

Daily Yoga for iPhone


iYoga+ app is one of the best app of yoga as it provides video tutorials for yoga practices. These videos are just not a collection but full videos of yoga sequences. Only 8 videos are available and no options to update. There is no option to set difficulty level as such.

iYoga%2B App for iOS 5 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad

iYoga for iPhone

There are few other apps as well such as Yoga Coach, Yoga 101, YogAmazing. You can try these applications also. However till then download the above mentioned apps and tell us about your experience.