5 Best iPhone Twitter Apps

The iPhone is a smartphone designed by “Apple Inc“. The operating system which it has, is known as “iPhone OS”.

Features like shooting video, taking photos, playing music, sending and receiving email, browsing the web, sending texts and receiving visual voice mail attracts the public very much. Social networking, games, etc. can be enabled by downloading the apps which is provided by Apple as well as by the third parties.

An iPhone has many built-in apps. iPhone comes with a new Maps app, has 8 megapixel camera and shoot HD video its iSight camera. If you want more apps for your iPhone there is a “App Store” for you from where you can download the apps free or by paying some amount for that like twitter, BBC News, Facebook Messenger, Google Earth, Alarm Clock Pro, Temple Run etc.

iphone apps1 5 Best iPhone Twitter Apps

iPhone apps

There are many Twitter Apps for your iPhone but the best 5 Twitter Apps are like Tweetbot, Twitterrific, TweetDeck, TweetLogix and Tweetings.

1. Tweetbot 

Tweetbot is very different and refreshing app. The app with which you can interact is “Tweetbot”. It has beautiful interface, sounds and animation and features like multiple timeline and smart gestures.

It includes support for iOS 5 Twitter integration, Push Notification, and TweetMarker sync.

2. Twitterrific

It is full-featured beautiful and intuitive UI. It supports link shortening and tweet translation. Users may choose to view the full public timeline or just the friends feed. It also provides functionality to upload images from an iPhone to a TwitPic account for posting on Twitter.

Twitterrific supports Tweetmarker and also includes the optimized version of  iPhone and iPad However no  support iOS 5 Twitter integration and also no support for push notifications.

3. TweetDeck 

It  is an application for management of twitter accounts and facebook accounts. It is compatible with several OS like Microsoft Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac OS X. It provides the quick filtering functionality to the iPhone. An alternate version of TweetDeck is TweetDark which provides the same functionality as the original application with a completely new appearance.

There is no support iOS 5 Twitter integration as well as Push Notifications or Tweetmarker in the TweetDeck app.

4. TweetLogix 

It offers many functionality like themes and various additional services such as easy to navigate interface. It has also the features of inline images and active links making it a good choice for power readers.

5. Tweetings 

It is an excellent Twitter app. It has many excellent features which other twitter apps don’t have. It automatically resend failed tweets, manages multiple accounts, load gaps in the timeline above or below the gap position, translate tweets, split long tweets into multiple shorter tweets, inline image previews, list support, customize, edit, apply filters to photos, supports posting to TwitLonger and inline expansion etc.

Out of these you must be using one of them. How is your experience with the app that you are currently using. Share your experience here.