5 Best Security Apps for iPhone

Once we get Apple iPhone or any other device in our hands we start playing with it. We do a lot of stuff like texting, email or any other activity on our iPhone. Our work may contain confidential and sensitive information which we do not want to get revealed. And more, everyone wants to protect their passwords, usernames and any other information like credit card number. All of this can be done using the security apps. These iPhone security apps not only provide protection to your device but also help you to track your device if it is stolen.

Some of these security applications for iPhone 5  are:


1. Air Watch


airwatch app icon 5 Best Security Apps for iPhone

Air watch app allows user to track, monitor and manage the entire fleet of iOs. This application can encrypt and sign all the configuration profiles so that you can manage access to a device and ensure that no one can remove or alter any aspect of the profile settings. It ensures device security as well as data security. This app has the capability to track each iphone’s real time location via GPS. User can also assign device to specific groups such as geographic region, job function, business unit etc. So it provides complete mobility management for the entire iphone devices deployed across your enterprise. Devices can be easily managed once it has been deployed. Device’s configuration profile can be updated for a group or a whole enterprise. You can also lock the device and can also wipe all the data remotely when there is a need to do. Once your device is enrolled in Airwatch it can be configured remotely.

2. mSecure

mSecureIcon 300x300 5 Best Security Apps for iPhone

mSecure app allows you to secure confidential and sensitive information on your iphone. It protects your passwords and usernames, social security numbers, credit card numbers or any other sensitive data that are need to be protected. It uses ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect your data. This encryption technique ensures that your data remains protected even if your device is stolen. It allows the user to create an un-guessable password using password generator. It also provides free data backup utility to keep your data secure. This app also offers auto-lock, cloud data protection, email attachment backup/restore, and optional distruct.

3. Stash

stash icon 257x300 5 Best Security Apps for iPhone

By using Stash app you can keep your data safe. You can do a safe download of any file by using private web browser. User can keep photos, videos and documents privately. This app’s browser offers its own private bookmark, history and cookie controls. This app also allows the user to set hidden accounts which cannot be seen by anyone without the permission of user. It means no one can even get an idea that you have hidden something in your phone.

4. Lookout

Lookout icon trans 300 300x300 5 Best Security Apps for iPhoneThis application makes it possible for you to connect with your lost gadget. A two way call between web or phone and your handset is also possible even if there is no SIM card in your phone. This application allows user to back up and save their contacts. So it’s a free way for users to manage their device over the web and to find their lost iphone or ipad.

5. Syncellence Free


syncellence app icon 5 Best Security Apps for iPhone

Syncellence Free app is very easy to use. It allows users to wirelessly share a set of any files between iOS devices. Using it you can transfer individual files between all your devices without requiring the use of a cloud server. If you have the files on your device, the built-in browser can be used to rename, delete, print, view, email files and opening files from other applications.