Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

Applications on your iphone makes your work a bit easier. There are a lot of web applications out there that can be used to get work done faster. Web applications have a lot to offer. You can browse, email, connect with your friends and a lot of other stuff. No matter where you are you can get all the information you want whether it’s a world news or about you family and friends. You can do a lot of stuff such as sharing what’s on your mind and you can stay connected with world. Some of these web applications are:

1. Gmail

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It is one of the best web technique people use for sending emails and for communication. Gmail is owned by Google and this application can be freely installed from Apple’s app store. This  app offers amazing features. It works very fast in sending and receiving messages. You can attach and send your files easily. This app will automatically show the important emails first and then the others.

2. Facebook

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It is one of the extremely popular social networking service available. It offers you with many amazing features. You can connect to your family, friends and more. You can do almost everything if you have this app. You can create your own photo album. You can keep your profile picture and can update your daily status. You can chat, approve friend requests and can search for friends.You can share photos, music or anything you find interesting. And you also get to know what your friends are up to.

3. YouTube:

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This application is also one of the popular ones. You can watch videos and can also download them. You can sign in to access your subscription, uploads, playlists and more. It offers a vast video catalog. And it makes easy for you to search video with voice search and query autocomplete. You can read and comment too. The videos on this can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also record and upload your own video using YouTube capture.

4. Nirvana

nirvana app 168x300 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

Nirvana is a GTD task management software for getting things done. It lets you create email by actions. When  an email is send to nirvana account the email subject becomes the action’s name, and the email body becomes the action’s note. You always send an email as a normal To: or cc: recipient, but now you can also add your nirvana inbox address using Bcc field. One another advantage is that you can set up forwarding rules in mail applications such as gmail to automatically forward all the incoming mails to your nirvana inbox also.

5. Digg

Digg app 250px 200x300 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

Digg is a social news collector. It allows you to share any kind of news or photos or anything else you find interesting over internet. It’s a great news app. You just have to click on the headline it will show you the whole news story. You can also comments on any particular news topic. You just have to create an account then login and then you can browse whatever you want.

6. Evernote

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Evernote allows bookmarking any webpage or save any kind of file that user can retrieve. It is one of the best apps out there for keeping everything organized. Here the note can be a formatted text, a photograph, a voice memo, a full webpage or a handwritten note. The notes can also have file attachments and these notes can be sorted in folders. Not only sorting, the notes can also be given comments, can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched and can be exported as a part of the note. It provides you many options. Making use of the audio note you can record whatever you want to and then afterwards you can listen to it and can also re-record. It also provides a web clipper utility by using it you can gather information from the web . You can save your searches. If you like your note then you can tweet your note directly into your evernote notebook. You can send your note to facebook, twitter or can email your note directly from the evernote notebook.

7. Launch Pad

launchpad app 200x300 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

If you have launch pad application on your device then you can access Google, YouTube and more really fast. For instance if you have LaunchPad just click on wikipedia, type in your query and you directly get the search results. It comes with 19 launchers pre-installed. But you can also add your own. You can also delete or reorder the launchers if you want.

8. Google Docs Mobile

google docs 300x247 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

Using Google docs app you can keep your data online. You don’t have to carry your data with your laptop with you. Just keep your data or documents in Google docs and you can access or edit your data whenever and wherever you want very easily. It makes your work easier and saves your time and space.

9. Google Calender

 calendar 300x238 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

With Google calendar app on your device you can do the stuff straight from your phone. You can add, delete, edit and respond to events straight from your phone. You don’t have to synchronize your phone with your computer. It’s a free web application and is offered by Google. You can also view multiple calenders shared with you.

10. Google

 search app home 200x300 Best 10 iPhone Web Apps

Google is one of the most used search engine. So Google app is a great application to use. It provides you with all possible available results on your search.