Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

Schedule Management is one of the biggest challenge for many busy people. They need a good calendar to keep track of everything. There are number of Calendar apps available for iPhone which are really good in keeping track of schedules and events. These calendar apps are simply amazing as they provide easiest methods to remember everything. Apps have amazing design which you gonna love. Here I am going to list some of the best calendar apps out there in the iOS store. Install and select which one suits you the most.


Here are the best Calendar Apps for iPhone :

  • Cal by Any.Do
  • CalenGoo
  • EventBook
  • Fantastical
  • CalenMob
  • Calvetica Calendar
  • PocketLife Calendar
  • Sunrise
  • Tempo Smart Calendar
  • Tempus Calendar
  • Donna
  • Agenda
  • Handle
  • Mynd
  • Atlas
  • iOS 7 Calendar

Cal is beautifully designed by Social integration is also present in this app so that you can send messages to your friends from inside the app. You can also find bars and restaurants near by. It manages your events,birthday’s and others very well.

 Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

Cal by App

CalenGoo Calendar is somewhat similar to Google Calendar. You can see all your events in different colors. You can even browse all the events monthly, weekly wise. You can invite your friends to events as well. In order to use CalenGoo you must have Google Calendar account.

best calendar apps for iphone calendargoo Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

CalendGoo for iPhone


Event book is a really unique calendar app. You can combine your events with maps, locations and weather. You can watch all your event monthly,weekly and day to day basis. Long list views gives you more information about the events like location,attendees and more..

best calendar apps for iphone eventbook Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

EventBook Calendar for iPhone

Calenmob is a Google Calendar Client. You can edit, copy and delete events in the calendar in offline mode. It will updates on your Google account once you come online. Calenmob supports day, week, month and even 4 days agenda. Calenmob app is really great and awesome to use.

 Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

CalenMob Calendar for iPhone

Do share your experiences if you are using any of the above apps.