Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Do you love capturing your every moment…? If yes then apple app store provides you a number of camera apps and these are really amazing. You can take picture and can do the editing and can also share these photos using Facebook, twitter or mail. These apps automatically save your pictures and provide you so many features to make your picture look more awesome. You can take pictures and videos using these apps and can filter your photos and can also merge them. You can get amazing photos even in the darkness.

Some of these amazing Camera Apps are:

 1. Instagram

instagram Best Camera Apps for iPhone

It is one of the best cam application that you can get from apple’s app store. You can take a shot and can edit it and can also share it with your friends, It has so many features like you can filter your photos and can give a new look to your pictures. You can follow your friend’s photos and can also give and receive comments & likes. You can see everyday uploads. Its fun and easy to use. It also offers you unlimited upload.

2. Camera+

cameraplus 520x378 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This app is totally free. You can take a picture by tapping anywhere on the screen. Pictures and videos are automatically saved. You can share you pictures and videos via Facebook, twitter or mail.  Using Bing you can search photos and can edit them. It supports countdown timer that allows you to take a photo of yourself. Using single shot mode you can set the time from 1 to 60 seconds and when you use multi shot mode you can even set the number of shots including the time of each shot.

3. True HDR

TrueHDR 1 220811 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

In this application, the sliders allow you to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and more to your image. You can get this amazing app from apple’s app store. It automatically saves the original taken pictures and the edited one too. You can also share your photos via Facebook, twitter and email. It provides you with the best quality of image even if the picture is taken in the darkness. It supports Geo tagging and printing. And also offers full support for front and back facing camera. You can align the pictures and can also merge them.

4. ToonCamera

tooncamera Best Camera Apps for iPhone

This is an amazing app provided by apple’s app store. It allows you to convert your pictures and videos into total cartoon. You can apply any effects and real-time cartoon to your snaps, videos and can convert them to look totally different. You can also share your creations with your friends via Facebook, twitter or through mail.

5. Camera Awesome

030412 awesomizebanda Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Camera Awesome is really awesome. More than auto editing it has many other features and these are really amazing. You can take 9 photos a second. And about video recording you will be surprised to know that it starts recording 5 seconds before you hit the record button so you can get the part of the video you missed.