Best iPhone Game Apps

If you have iphone in your hands and if you are a game lover then you’ll be happy to know that apple app store provides a number of game applications. And some of them are really amazing. Once you play it you’ll definitely go for it again and again. These apps are really very easy to understand and play. It’s really fun to play these games. You can also play with your friends and can beat their high scores.

Some of these game applications are:

1. Letterpress

game Apps Best iPhone Game Apps

It’s a word game for iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. You can play with your friends using Game Center. It’s a great way to have fun with your device when you are alone.

2. In to the dead

into the dead Best iPhone Game Apps

In to the dead shows you a grim world of zombies where you have to keep on moving as fast as you can in order to stay alive. You just have to unlock an armory of weapons to help you stay alive.You can also challenge your friends to beat your high scores. It’s fun to play. Compete with your friends and beat their scores. This app has great visuals. You will definitely enjoy playing it.

3.Temple Run

temple run Best iPhone Game Apps

It’s one the most thrilling running game available on the apple app store. You can level up your character and can use powerups. It’s very addicting but a very different running game. It allows simple swipe and offers tilt controls that are really very easy to use.

4. Angry Birds

angry birds Best iPhone Game Apps

It’s one of the most popular and interesting games available in apple’s app store. In this app you’ll see angry birds whose eggs are stolen by greedy pigs. So you have to use all the powers of angry birds to destroy the pig’s defenses. You can also purchase the mighty eagle for help. You can use help of mighty eagle to pass a level once per hour. Angry Birds has power ups, so you can boost your bird’s abilities and can also unlock secret content.

5. Fruit Ninja

fruitninja530 Best iPhone Game Apps

It is one of the amazing and greatest fruit slicing game. You just have to swipe your finger to split flying fruit into two before they hit the ground. But watch out for bombs, if you slice a bomb by mistake your game is over. So be careful of bombs because they are explosive to touch and will put an end to your juicy adventure. You can also compete with your friends and can beat their high scores.

6. Mega Jump

mega jump 2 Best iPhone Game Apps

This game is amazing and it is very easy to play. Bounce off the ground and in no time you’re zooming in the sky. Collect all the coins and stars too as these provide you the super boost of power. Use the coins to unlock items that make your player bigger and faster. You will also find fire rockets that boost your player at lightning fast speeds and take your player thousands of feet higher.

Not only these, there are other game applications that you can have on your iphone device. These games are easy to understand and play. These apps also have awesome background music and speed. But these are really addictive. You play once then you will play it again and again. Some more game applications are:

  • Grand Theft Auto : Vice city

  • Jetpack Joyride

  • Tiny wings

  • Ridiculous Fishing

  • Cut The Rope

  • Angry Birds Space

  • Draw Something

  • Where’s My Water?

  • Where’s My Perry?