Best iPhone Translation Apps

Many of us love travelling to different countries. But there is always something you find annoying and that is the whole language thing. We always find it difficult to communicate with people from different countries and of different accent. Its fun to communicate with different people but for this there has to be a common language or you can also use some of the amazing translator apps provided by apple’s app store for the translation purpose.

Some of these amazing Language Translator apps are:

1. Google Translate

google trnsltr Best iPhone Translation Apps

This application is totally free. This app supports voice command for translations over 15 languages. You can either enter the text for translation or you can also speak it out. You can also listen to spoken translations for over 20 languages. There are over 60 interchangeable languages available for text translation. It gives accurate translations and also suggests alternatives for misspelled translations. This app requires an internet connection but you can save some of your favorite’s translations for your use in offline mode.

2. Universal Translator

universal Best iPhone Translation Apps

This application supports over 50 languages. It’s great and really very easy to use. In order to use this application it’s necessary for both the parties to have a Google chat account and at least one of the two parties needs to have this app installed. After you define the language in which you want to communicate, every line you type is automatically translated. You can get this app from iphone store.

3. Vocre Translate

vocre translation app iphone Best iPhone Translation Apps

This app allows users to communicate in any foreign language. It’s a great app to use if you are in a mood to have a lengthy conversation. You can also use it while travelling as it works very quickly. It gives you the ability to talk to anyone in any language. Internet connection is required in order to perform translations.

4. iTranslate voice

iTranslate Voice Best iPhone Translation Apps

This app is fun to use as it provides text-to-speech feature. You just have to enter a phrase and then select any dialect, and then this application will speak the phrase in that particular selected dialect. It also offers support for voice recognition. The text-to-speech feature includes both male and female voice. Using this app you can translate between over more than 60 languages. You can also share your translations with your friends via Facebook or twitter and you can also send it via email.

5. SayHi Translate

sayhi Best iPhone Translation Apps

Like the above app, this application too supports both text as well as voice input for translation. Its speech recognition engine supports voice translations into 23 languages and accent. It offers the best voice quality so that you can use it even if you are out somewhere. This app is faster as compared to other applications. You can download this application from Apple’s app store.

6. Word Lens

Word Lens hands sign  Best iPhone Translation Apps

This application has the ability to translate a text visible through a camera on the display. For instance, if you point your phone’s camera on any foreign language sign board, this app will translate that language within a few seconds. But it has some disadvantages too like it costs Rs. 275 per pack. And it also finds problem in recognizing fonts of different styles. It means you should have the basic knowledge of the language you want the translation for.

7. SpeakText

speaktext Best iPhone Translation Apps

This application allows you to translate any text just by touching or highlighting the text. It reads the selected text line by line and performs the translation. You can download this application’s free version from apple’s app store.

8. IProTranslate

ipro Best iPhone Translation Apps

It’s a great app to use as it provides translations in over 40 languages. So you can communicate in over 40 languages via email, twitter or facebook. It’s really very easy to use and it translates your messages in very short time without any long delays.