5 Best iPhone JailBreak Apps

Jailbreaking apps  makes your iOs even better. It allows you to install third party software that wasn’t made by apple. So it kind of removes the limitations on Apple devices running the iOs operating system through the use of software. It allows download of additional applications, themes etc. which is not available in Apple app store. There are many jailbreaking softwares available through which you can expand the features of iOs.

5jailbreakapps 5 Best iPhone JailBreak Apps

Jailbreak Apps

Some of those best iphone Apps are:

1. NCSettings

By using this application you can have access to common settings on your iphone from notification center. So you can toggle on and off the basic functions straight from notification center. It makes your work easier. Instead of going in the systems menu you can change the settings from notification center itself. All you have to do is to swipe then tap and it’s done.

 2. BiteSMS

Apple is not very good at providing better text message notification. If you have installed BiteSMS , then you can easily make a reply without interrupting your workflow. Not only this, this software provides a lot of features like password protection for messages, quick composing of messages, notification settings on a per contact basis and a lot more. You can compose messages from anywhere , inside an app, home screen and even from lock screen too.

 3. Auxo

Auxo is best for handling multitasking on iOs devices. One of the best things is that this app brings a very beautiful way to see the apps that are currently present in multitasking switcher tray. This app replaces the old standard icon view with amazing app cards. The playback page has also been redesigned to improve the audio controls and it also provides some additional information to the user. It supports many languages.Toggles are also included in the switcher. You don’t have to go into the settings, instead you can use these toggles to get fast access to some common things like bluetooth, orientation look, data services etc. .

4. Clever Pin

This jailbreak tweak makes passcode protection smarter depending on your location. It disables the passcode when you are in more trusted area such as your home. Passcode automatically gets disabled when you enter your home’s wifi network. To add your home wifi network you can do the following: Settings->Clever Pin->Networks->Add current network. It also makes your passcode disable when you are listening to music or your iPhone is charging and in Airplane mode also.

5. IntelliScreenX6

It is really very useful if you want to have a quick look to your text messages, emails or weather. It provides many features like twitter, Facebook, text messages, calendar, email, news and more from your iPhone “slide to unlock” screen. You get quick preview/view of entire email. It also provides reminder for missed calls, unread emails/sms, or calendar alerts. You can view/mark, read/unread, delete your text messages and emails from the lock screen itself.