Best Music Apps for iPhone 5

There are lot of music apps available on iOS store which can make your iPhone even more awesome. With these apps, you can do almost anything like you can turn you iPhone into a guitar or a piano. You can listen to live streaming music from streaming radio stations. These music iPhone Apps are amazing and you will enjoy them a lot. Few of these are band of the day, slacker internet radio,, Pandora and much more… Few of these iPhone apps are paid apps while you can get rest of them for free on iOS Store.

 Best Music Apps for iPhone 5

iPhone Music Apps

Here is a list of best music apps for iPhone that you can install :-

1.Band of the day:  This app is the best for you if you want to listen to a new band every day. It offers you free music sample so that you can decide whether you like the musician or not. You will get to see a lot of categories here like what kind of song you want to listen. It brings all the genres like folk, blues and more. This app is really awesome for you if you are a music lover.

 2.Slacker Internet Radio: This is one of the most amazing music app on iphone. You can download it from apple app store. It offers you more than 200 stations which provides you songs of almost every possible genres. It’s very easy to use, even you can create your own playlist. You can listen music totally free of charge and you can also subscribe for on-demad, offline, and commercial-free songs. you can create your own custom stations and playlists. It a really fantastic app to have.

3.ShazamShazam app is totally free on iTunes. This app has an amazing facility of capturing music. If you are listening to a song and you don’t want to forget it. Simply turn on this app in front of the speaker, this app will find the music, album and the artist as well of the song that you are listening.

4.Ocarina: Ocarina is one of the most amazing apps that I know. It turns you iPhone and iPad into a flute. You need to tap the four holes on the screen while blowing into the mic of the iPhone. Atleast it’s a real fun for those who never touched flute.

5.Pandora Radio:  It is a free personalized radio of iphone which is linked with the Pandora’s account. Pandora radio app offers a lot of features such as bookmarking, emailing the radio station to a friend. You can also buy songs from iTunes using this app.

6.Tune In Radio : It’s one of the best music app available on iPhone offering many features same as others. is one of the most popular music website on the iphone too. Once you download their app, you can listen to your favorite tracks and can save them. You can purchase music directly from iTunes. You can bookmarks songs and can share it with the community.

8. PocketGuitar : PocketGuitar app is one of my favorite apps because it turns my iphone into a Guitar. And it’s better than a virtual guitar as I can press and strum strings to produce different music right from my iPhone. We can choose six different instruments on this app.

9.Soundhound: This is one of my favorites app. This app is really fantastic. If any song is playing around you then soundhound recognizes that song within few seconds. You can then see the lyrics and can also share that song.

Here are few more apps which are really good. Give them a try and share your experiences..

  • Songkick
  • SoundCloud
  • Uberhype
  • Track 8
  • Pocketband