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Make Your Windows XP Boot Faster

In order to make your windows xp boot faster, you need to configure and make changes to it’s boot file and secondly you can configure startup i.e. removing programs from the startup folder of windows xp so that it can respond quickly after welcome screen. Because of too many programs in your startup folder of […]

How to Block Websites Without any Software

Website blocking is very important specially at important places. At schools,offices and other corporate places people tend to waste their time on social networking websites, emails and other numerous websites. To prevent this from happening, you can block the websites without any software just by doing these few steps in your LAN configuration. Here are […]

Windows Taskbar Tool Tips and Tricks

Windows taskbar provides few awesome features to make our computing experience faster. Here are two tricks that will surely help you out and you are really going to like it. You can create toolbar shortcuts from windows taskbar. Toolbar can be of any type. It may be either a folder toolbar or url toolbar. You […]

5 Tips to Fix Your Slow Computer

Making your computer perform faster is a very easy task. There may be several reasons why your computer may be slow or is performing very slowly. There are many software which make your computer slow on installation because your computer do not meet their minimum system requirement. While few computers are slow due to virus […]

How to Fix My Slow Computer

“My computer is slow” is one of the most common problem that people talk about. We keep on adding software, music, movies and many other things but we don’t realize that our computer has limited resources. So until we increase the resources used by the computer, how can we expect our pc to perform faster. […]