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Best Inkjet Printer Under $100

There are number of inkjet printers available in the market from different brands. Inkjet printers also come in many varieties depending upon the functions which they have. There are number of brands such as HP, EPSON, Canon, Generic, Brother, Lexmark. They all produce some of the best inkjet printers in the world. Specially if you […]

Best Samsung Mobiles Under Rs 15000

Samsung mobiles are very popular now a days. Given the variety of models they have in the market for different customers and with different affordable prices, they are the best at this point of time. All the Samsung mobiles are android powered now a days. Having Android operating system in their mobiles is the biggest […]

Hello World Android App Source Code [Eclipse]

After a lot of efforts, I finally got success in running my first android app “Hello World”. I followed the tutorial given at which was sufficient enough to run the application. However I faced few problems while trying to run the application.    Problems that you may face during your try to run the hello […]

How to Block Websites Without any Software

Website blocking is very important specially at important places. At schools,offices and other corporate places people tend to waste their time on social networking websites, emails and other numerous websites. To prevent this from happening, you can block the websites without any software just by doing these few steps in your LAN configuration. Here are […]

Simple Method to Backup System Registry in Windows

System Registry backup is very important in Windows. Windows Registry controls almost every function in windows. You must backup it from time to time as in case something goes wrong. Editing the registry is always not recommended. But if you do registry editing to tweak your system then it’s really necessary to export the keys […]