Best iPhone Fun Apps for Kids

Smartphones and tablets are getting popularity all over the world. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have app marketplaces which contains millions of apps for everyone. However, they lack a dedicated section for kids in which apps should be only for small children. These apps should be interactive, funny and good for kids to learn something. The Fun apps for kids are scattered in between other categories such as entertainment, games and others. Apple’s app marketplace is the biggest and they are also number one in selling their devices such as iPhone and iPad’s.


Millions of iPhone devices are out there. In a recent study, it is found that more than 70% parents share their smartphone with their kids. Even more than 50% said that they downloaded a fun app on their children request. You can download so many great iPhone fun Apps for Kids.

Below is a list of best Creative FREE and paid iPhone Fun apps for children –


  1. Art My Kid Made ( For iPhone only) – Free
  2. Disney Pixel’d  (For iPhone/iPad ) – Free
  3. Color and Draw for Kids – Paid
  4. Doodlecast for Kids – Paid
  5. Little Fox Music Box – Paid
  6. Maily – Paid
  7. Playart by Tapook – Paid
  8. Miko and Cola -Paid
  9. Magic Piano – Paid

Here is a list of Education related iphone fun apps for kids –

  1. Farm 123 – paid
  2. Funimal Phonics – Paid
  3. Little Digits – paid
  4. My A-Z – paid
  5. The Singing Alphabet – paid

Here is a list of Play games for Kids –

  1. Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box
  2. Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker
  3. MakeGo
  4. Moshi Monsters
  5. Toca Train

All the paid apps are very cheap and you can purchase them directly from the respective marketplaces. Go the App marketplace in the iPhone menu, type the name of the app and then purchase the app. It will get downloaded into the iPhone and you can start using it.

 If you know any other interesting app, do tell me in the comments.