Is it really worth buying an iMac…?

Well, the best answer lies with yourself. We may just guide you to reach your solution. All those unboxing and video reviews about iMac that you may have already searched for and watched many a times, have ultimately bore no fruit for you. Has it ? They have only succeeded in making you more confusing about your decision.

Unless and until you are an apple freak, you have to think at least twice before investing the money, worth of buying a four wheeler for your family, in just a desktop computer. Believe me, these are not only my words, if you are an Indian, apple products are bound to make you think so.

Black white Apple background desktop Wallpaper Is it really worth buying an iMac...?

With fully brushed aluminum finish, smart, slim and a stunning design ( probably the slimmest of all desktops ) apple has always managed to make their products at least an eye catcher ( a treat to the eye ). Unlike any other brand apple has the largest solution of their own for all their products. Without ever compromising on build quality, looks and performance, apple has always attracted the upper class people and maintained a premium position among all their product categories.

Certainly the above points in favour of apple has nothing to draw medium range customers towards it at least in India. The price of their products has always kept them away from the competition. A great person had said ,
“If you start buying things you do not need, one day you will have to start selling things that you need.”
You can buy almost 3 mid range good desktops ( that will suffice the same work load as a starting range iMac will do ) at the cost of a single iMac. Can you imagine ? Well lets compare the prices to be paid for our day to day needs ( for a normal computer loving person with needs of average video and photo editing along with some mid range gaming requirements ) in a PC and in an iMac (starting with the hardware specificatons first)

PC :

1. Motherboard ( midrange intel h77 based chipset, with sata III & usb 3.0) : Rs. 5500
2. Processor ( intel dual core i5 3rd generation ) : Rs. 6800
3. Ram : 4 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz : Rs. 1800
4. Solid State Drive ( 120 GB SATA III ): Rs. 6300
5. Optional HDD ( 2 TB ) : Rs. 5700
6. Bluray Combo Drive : Rs. 5500
7. Monitor ( 20 inch full HD IPS display ) : Rs. 9000
8. Optional External Graphics RAM ( 1 GB ): Rs. 8000

Total Cost of PC : Rs. 40,600 (+ 8000)

iMac :

Quadcore i5 processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB HDD, 1 GB Graphics RAM, 27 inch display

Total Price : Rs. 1,07,900

Till now iMac costs around 2.5 times that of a PC. Obviously a dual core i5 being more than necessary for almost all high end puroposes ( except some exceptional ones ), unncessarily paying more than twice the price for a quad core processor is not justifiable.

Apple’s new iMac does not come with any optical drive ( may be not necessary ). You can well evaluate how much extra you are getting in the PC as calculated above as compared to an iMac.

Well, as mentioned above Apple has solution for all. You can make this iMac equally comparable with this PC in terms of hardware with apple’s external accessories such as an external Optical Drive but again at some premium pricing that would take your cost to almost thrice the price of a PC.

Even now, if you are inclined towards iMac, you are really an apple freak.

Now lets come to the software i.e. the operating system.
Apple boasts of Mac OS X as the best and most advanced O.S.
( may be ). It is mailny because of the features like iCloud all inbuilt into the operating system, that enables you to do a lot of interesting things that might appear unlikely for a desktop with any other operating system.

Think twice. Look at the features inbuilt in Mac OS X again. Can they not be incorporated using any other operating system ?
Answer is Yes. If you are a computer geek, you can surely understand that it is possible even with Microsoft’s Windows 7, may be you have to work hard to get those third party applications and install them. With Windows 8, your task might even get reduced to some extent.

Now, both the hardware and software issues are clear for a PC and an iMac.

No matter whatever you choose, you will never regret unless you feel that you have wasted your money ! So, go ahead and make your own choice. I feel it won’t be difficult anymore to decide.