List of Best Designed iPhone and iPad Apps

Thousands of apps are there in the iOS store for your iPhone and iPad. There are always two things to be considered whenever we talk about best designed iPhone or iPad app. The first one being the beautiful design of the app and second one is the user interface. User interface means how easily a user can find what he/she wants. Out of all iPhone apps, only few applications are there which meet these two requirements and we considered them as the best designed iPhone app. Their Graphical interface is awesome and user interface is super awesome. You will love having these apps on your iPhone.


Here we are going to list some of the best designed apps :

  • Paper for iPad
  • Rechner
  • Clear
  • Fantastical for iPhone
  • Rise
  • Everynote 5 for iPad
  • Dimensions
  • Analytiks
  • Wunderlist 2
  • Google Maps for iOS
  • BackSpaces
  • Ogorud Stuff
  • TV App
  • WoooBee
  • Probki.TV
  • Air Dictate
  • iPhone Restaurant App
  • Jet Lag
  • Italian Challenge
  • UN News App

Google Maps for iOS is one of the most beautifully designed app that you will found in the store. After it’s Google who made it. The Graphical User Interface is superb. The accuracy of the map is ultimate. You must have Google maps on your iPhone.

google maps ios List of Best Designed iPhone and iPad Apps

Google Maps for iOS

Paper for iPad – Paper for iPad is one of the most beautiful drawing apps that you are going to find in the apple store. It has best innovative color mixture since it was first introduced. The functionality of this app is awesome and it continues to extend.

 List of Best Designed iPhone and iPad Apps

Paper for iPad

Evernote 5 for iPad – Evernote 5 for iPad is certainly one of the best designed app after it introduced new mobile navigation. You can simply jump to favorite content and customize everything. It has become very easy to organize, browse and search on Evernote. Overall it has become more efficient and awesome and it’s completely free.

 List of Best Designed iPhone and iPad Apps

Evernote 5 for iPad

Analytiks : It’s an app for viewing your Google Analytics stats. If you want to quickly see your data weekly,daily or monthly then this app is the best for you as it has packed everything under single swipe method for each of you site. Double tap allows you to use more features on this app. Secondly, app has two separate themes for black and white iPhone.

analytiks List of Best Designed iPhone and iPad Apps

Analytiks for iPhone

You can also check out the rest of the applications. Out of these, you may be using few but not all. Give them a try which you think can be useful to you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.