List of Mobiles Below 3000 Price

There is a huge list of mobiles available below RS 3000 in the Indian market. Number of mobiles are selling below 3K by various companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Nokia, Lava, Spice and Salora. These companies are making cheap phones to attract customers with low income. As mobile has become a necessity for the people, they look for cheaper phones specially in rural areas. You can easily see a mobile in the hands of rickshaw wala’s to vegetable sellers. Certainly people with low income can’t afford to have high cost mobile phones. 

Secondly, there is another group of people who always have two mobiles in their pocket. Right guys? Most of you will be falling in this category. You will be having one costly mobile with all the features and another cheap mobile just for talking. Infact I have two mobile right now with me. It’s important to keep two mobiles as cheap ones are stronger and they don’t break easily. Remember Nokia ?

Here is the list of mobiles below Rs 3000 which are quite popular and have positive customer reviews on many shopping websites :  

  1. Nokia 112 ( White ) – RS 2889
  2. Karbonn Sound Wave K451+ ( Silver ) – RS 1590
  3. Micromax X103i (White) – RS 1099
  4. Lava ARC 1+ ( Black) – RS 1049
  5. MicroMax X272 ( Black) – RS 1499
  6. Karbonn K-Phone 1 ( Black Blue ) – RS 1599
  7. Lava ARC 11+ ( Black ) – RS 1088
  8. Micromax Bolt X101 (White) – RS 1099

You can have any one of these phones. They perform all the basic functions what mobile used to have back in 2002-2006 =D. Purchase them directly from any online shopping website as they will be even much cheaper. There are lot of other phones as well from local companies. I suggest you to have anyone from this list as they have been tried and tested by many customers and they have good positive reviews. 

If you are unable to decide then hit us an email at : with your budget and we will help you decide the best mobile to purchase.