Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

Do you love to travel…? Yes, you do. But the problem comes when you go to a new place and you have no idea where to stay and where to eat. Even if you get a place to stay and eat then also you are not satisfied with the quality. At such times, there are so many amazing applications for your iphone which can provide you with everything you want. You may need to know about nearby bank, bar, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, movie theater and more. These apps help you with all your problems. And you can also connect to your family and friends while you are travelling. Not only this, you can share your trip plans and can also share your trip photos with your friends. These apps are great to use.

Some of these iPhone 5 Travel applications are:


1. TripIt

tripit iphone Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

This application allows it users to organize and share their trips. It automatically takes your trip details and makes a guide book which is always available when and where you need it. You can share your trip plans with your family and friends. Simply forward your confirmation emails from anywhere you book to and tripIt automatically creates an itinerary to access on your iphone, Smartphone, calendar, or anywhere online. This app also makes it easy for companies to organize office travel. It can keep track of who’s travelling when and where. While travelling it acts like your personal assistant as it tells you about all the flight details, eligible flights for you and even tells the details of alternate flights and more.

 2. Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor iPhone Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

This application gives you free mobile city guidance with the hotels, restaurants and any other places. You just have to select a place and the app will point you up to that place using your phone’s GPS/compass. This application also works offline. You can create your own journal and can write about the places you visit. You can add notes and can share photos with your family and friends on Facebook.

3. AroundMe

aroundme Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

This app provides you the information about your surroundings. It gives you any information you want within few seconds. It has the ability to find your position and allows you to select the nearest locations like hospital, movie theater bar, bank, supermarkets, petrol station, hotel, restaurants etc. And then you can select any location and can also see its map and can find out how far you are from that particular location.

4. Urbanspoon

urbanspoon Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

Trouble in deciding where to eat..? Keep shaking your iphone this app will keep on suggesting a restaurant until you   get the one you would like to go. You can discover a list of restaurant and then can make a reservation if you want. So you find so many new places that is restaurants using this application. You just have to use this app it will search and browse all the nearby local restaurants. Using it you can also build and follow up your dining history. You can compare your restaurant photos with your friends. It also shows you ratings and reviews from bloggers, newspapers, fellow eaters and it makes easy for you to decide whether to eat at any particular place or not.

5. Skype

skype iphone Top 5 Travel Apps for iPhone 5

This application makes it easy for you to communicate with your family and friends. You can use instant messaging or you can call or you can also make video calls. You can directly send photos to your family and friends via this app. You can also call your friends on their mobile or landline by paying a little Skype credit. It works on 3G and wifi also. There is no limitation on the size of photos you send. It’s an advantage because we have a limit when we send emails. It works with smartphones, PCs, tablets and even TVs. This app provides you a great way to connect with your closer ones.