Most Popular App for iPhone 5

If you have iphone with you and not having some of the amazing apps provided by apple app store then your device is just like any other phone. The applications provided by apple app store awesomize your device and your life too. These applications help you to get your work done in a more convenient way. These apps provide you directions when you are on wrong route, help you to capture every beautiful moment of your life, updates you with all the news related to stocks if you are an investor, offers you amazing and fun games, and you can use translator to converse with the people who don’t know your language and more apps are there to make your life better.

Some of these amazing applications are:

 1. Google maps

googlemaps Most Popular App for iPhone 5

It is one of the best navigation apps provided by apple’s app store. It provides you turn by turn driving instructions. It is very simple and easy to use. You can get live traffic information in cities at any location. It helps you to find directions with bus, train and even when you are underground. it offers you voice guided driving directions. Using this app you can find places like restaurants, hotels, gas stations, Movie Theater and more. It has built-in Google local search to search places and their addresses. You can also see the ratings and reviews from people. It provides you 360 degrees view of any place. You can sign in to save your favorite places and can access your recent searches.

2. Instagram

instagram1 Most Popular App for iPhone 5

It is one of the best cam applications that you can get from apple’s app store. You can take a shot and can edit it and can also share it with your friends, It has so many features like you can filter your photos and can give a new look to your pictures. You can   also follow your friend’s photos and can also give and receive comments & likes. You can see everyday uploads. It’s fun and easy to use. It also offers you unlimited upload.

3. Evernote

evernote Most Popular App for iPhone 5

Evernote allows bookmarking any webpage or save any kind of file that user can retrieve. It is one of the best apps out there for keeping everything organized. Here the note can be a formatted text, a photograph, a voice memo, a full webpage or a handwritten note. The notes can also have file attachments and these notes can be sorted in folders. Not only sorting, the notes can also be given comments, can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched and can be exported as a part of the note. It provides you many options. Making use of the audio note you can record whatever you want to and then afterwards you can listen to it and can also re-record. It also provides a web clipper utility by using it you can gather information from the web. You can save your searches. If you like your note then you can tweet your note directly into your evernote notebook. You can send your note to facebook, twitter or can email your note directly from the evernote notebook.

4. YouTube

youtube Most Popular App for iPhone 5

This application is also one of the popular ones. You can watch videos and can also download them. You can sign in to access your subscription, uploads, playlists and more. It offers a vast video catalog. And it makes easy for you to search video with voice search and query autocomplete. You can read and comment too. The videos on this can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also record and upload your own video using YouTube capture.

5. Camera Awesome

030412 awesomizebanda2 Most Popular App for iPhone 5

Camera Awesome is really awesome. More than auto editing it has many other features and those are really amazing. You can take 9 photos a second. And about video recording you will be surprised to know that it starts recording before you hit the record button so you can get the part of the video you missed.

6. Temple Run

temple run Most Popular App for iPhone 5

It’s one the most thrilling running game available on the apple app store. You can level up your character and can use powerups. It’s very addicting but a very different running game. It allows simple swipe and offers tilt controls that are really very easy to use.

7. mSecure

mSecure iPhone Security App Most Popular App for iPhone 5

mSecure app allows you to secure confidential and sensitive information on your iphone. It protects your passwords and usernames, social security numbers, credit card numbers or any other sensitive data that are need to be protected. It uses ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption to protect your data. This encryption technique ensures that your data remains protected even if your device is stolen. It allows the user to create an un-guessable password using password generator. It also provides free data backup utility to keep your data secure. This app also offers auto-lock, cloud data protection, email attachment backup/restore, and optional destructs.

8. Google Translate

google trnsltr Most Popular App for iPhone 5

This application is totally free. This app supports voice command for translations over 15 languages. You can either enter the text for translation or you can also speak it out. You can also listen to spoken translations for over 20 languages. There are over 60 interchangeable languages available for text translation. It gives accurate translations and also suggests alternatives for misspelled translations. This app requires an internet connection but you can save some of your favorite’s translations for your use in offline mode.

9. Angry Birds

angry birds Most Popular App for iPhone 5

It’s one of the most popular and interesting games available in apple’s app store. In this app you’ll see angry birds whose eggs are stolen by greedy pigs. So you have to use all the powers of angry birds to destroy the pig’s defenses. You can also purchase the mighty eagle for help. You can use help of mighty eagle to pass a level once per hour. Angry Birds has power ups, so you can boost your bird’s abilities and can also unlock secret content.

10. Yahoo Finance

yahoofinance Most Popular App for iPhone 5

Using this app you can get daily news and market conditions. You can track the stocks live and can get the details when the markets are open and even when it is closed. You can also track industries, commodities and more. You can organize the stocks at a glance. You can scan news articles, quotes, graphs etc. If you shake your phone it will take you back to the main menu. It is one of the best apps for market watch. When you select a company its chart appears. You can select from 1 day, 1 week and so on up to 2 years.