Simple Method to Backup System Registry in Windows

System Registry backup is very important in Windows. Windows Registry controls almost every function in windows. You must backup it from time to time as in case something goes wrong. Editing the registry is always not recommended. But if you do registry editing to tweak your system then it’s really necessary to export the keys in the registry so that you can restore if any problem occurs.We always need to backup the registry before editing.

How to Export Registry Keys- Here are the steps..

1.Click on Start, and then click Run or simply press windows key plus R.

2.Type regedit in the run, and then click OK.

3.A new windows will open upon clicking OK. 

4. Go to File menu, click Export.

5.In the Save in box, Select the boxs which you want to backup. You have the options of backing up the whole registry or different parts of the registry. the location to save the backup .reg file. Type the file name and save the .reg file.

How to Restore the Registry

For restoring the registry you need to open the location where you saved your .reg file. Now to restore your exported registry file, just double click the saved file.