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Best point and shoot camera under $150

If you are not expert in clicking pictures but you love to click pictures, then Point and Shoot camerasĀ are best for you. Settings are already done in this compact cameras, you just have to focus on the object and press the button to capture the picture. But if you are expert in taking pictures, and […]

Best Point and Shoot Camera under $100

Point and Shoot camerasĀ are the ones in which settings are already done, it can not be changed manually. Everything is already set and enabled. What you have to do is focus on the object and click. So you can say that a point and shoot camera can perform only simple operations. It is not like […]

Best Point and Shoot Camera under $250

With all the stuff you carry to your vacation trip, functions, parties, or any other special day, camera is one of the important thing you take. It is because a camera helps you to reserve your special days, beautiful moments, fun, and everything in the form of pictures and videos. It adds more fun to […]

Best Point and Shoot Camera under $300

Some stories are very interesting if they are told with the help of pictures. But if you don’t have pictures, even you may not get interest in telling your story to anybody. But if you went somewhere, enjoyed a lot, and you came back. What you have now, nothing but memories. You can capture these […]

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $500

Photographers love to take pictures anytime and anywhere. But the difference between a photographer and another person who takes picture is that one loves to keep on playing with the settings of the camera because he knows all the tricks and the other is just interested in clicking the picture without changing any settings of […]