5 Tips to Fix Your Slow Computer

Making your computer perform faster is a very easy task. There may be several reasons why your computer may be slow or is performing very slowly. There are many software which make your computer slow on installation because your computer do not meet their minimum system requirement. While few computers are slow due to virus or trojan attack as they run in the background making  your computer’s performance very slow. Below, I am going to mention few tips and tricks which can make your computer perform faster and you will never have to ask someone why is my computer slow.


Here is list of things to do to change the performance of your computer – 

 1. Install an effective Antivirus

Slow computers often have viruses and Trojans in it making them slow. To remove them, you need to install a good antivirus software. There are many available for free such as Norton, Avast antivirus, AVG Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus. Once you install, it will keep you safe from viruses and other malware programs.

 2. Uninstall useless Software

Many software are there in our PC which we don’t use, yet there are in our system. Remove them immediately by going to the control panel and to the Add and remove section. Sometimes these software install many other programs which we don’t even know and they make your computer slow. Uninstalling them will increase your performance.

 3. Defragmentation of your Hard Drive 

Defragmentation of your local drives also helps in increasing the PC performance. Simply right click on the hard disk drive, click on properties and select Tools. In tools, you will see the defragmentation option, click on it. It will take few minutes. Do the same on all drives of your hard disk.

 4. Delete all TEMP files

In the temporary folder of your PC, there are so many temporary files present which your system no longer uses. The temporary folder gets filled heavily over time. As the folder is in the operating system drive, it tends to make your computer performance slow. Here is the process how to do remove temp files easily –

  1. Open Run.
  2. Type ” %temp%” without the quotes.
  3. Hit enter and it will open the temp folder where you will see many files and folders.
  4. Hold CTRL and Press A. It will select all files and folders.
  5. Hold Shift and Press Delete. It will permanently delete all files.

5. Optimize System for Maximum Performance

You can optimize your system to perform faster and for maximum performance. In this thing, you will see a low level of graphics on your system but performance will be much better. Here is how to optimize for maximum performance-

  1. Right click on My computer icon
  2. Click on properties.
  3. Click on Advanced tab.
  4. Under Performance, click on settings.
  5. Now check the option for Adjust for best performance.
  6. Apply and Ok.
  7. Now, PC will take few  seconds to adjust and your PC performance will be maximum.

Beside these methods, there are several free tools available for you to use such as tuneup utilities. They contain small programs which can make your life easier as you can fix it now things from their program panel. Registry clean, temp clean and many other things can be performed easily.