Best iPhone Apps For Kids

There are thousands of the apps available for your iPhone which can entertain and educate your kids for hours. Many of the apps have good educational component which help them to learn alphabets, counting, shapes and objects. Your child’s learning is not going to stop after the school. These apps will help your youngster’s mind to become sharp and active. However, such apps are not listed at a single place in the app store and that why we bring this list of apps which you can download directly by searching.

Some of the iPhone apps for Kids are listed below-

1. Kids Money

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Kids Money App

Kids Money app allow your kids to see the practical application of commercial maths and numbers. Kids can prepare a list of things which they want and can check-out the price of those things. After that they can enter their weekly allowance in order to find out when they will have appropriate money for the things they want.
Price: Free
Developer: Apps Rocket
Download: App Store

2. Britannica Kids: Solar System

Britannica Kids Rainfores 007 Best iPhone Apps For Kids

Britannica Kids App

Britannica Kids Solar System, this app includes all aspects of the solar system which can be learned by various ways of games, fascinating graphics and videos featuring the sun, planets, moon, asteroids and comets, satellite, gravity and more and there will be a timed quiz tests for your child’s knowledge to know there performance.
Price: $4.99
Developer: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Download: App Store

3. The Elementals

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The Elementals app

The Elementals app is the highly creative app and this app is based on the periodic table. This app will help your child to learn about the different elements of the periodic table. Each element has its own unique “property”, which will be easier for your child to remember it. Children can see an element’s place on the periodic table, its atomic weight, atomic mass and electrons and protons.
Price: Free
Developer: The Angry Robot Zombie Factory
Download: App Store

4. Preschool Music

 Best iPhone Apps For Kids

Preschool Music app

Now a day’s most of the kids are attracted towards music. Preschool Music app will help your kid to learn about rhythm, beats, harmony and many more. This app will help your child to play with a piano and this will help them to create their own melodies. This app will also help your child to interact with animated musical birds and in this app super-cute graphics are given as a bonus.
Price: $0.99
Developer: 3DAL
Download: App Store

5. Moatkin Systems

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Moatkin Systems app

This app will help your child to learn about states with their capital. In this app there is bright and clean-cut lines between states which will help your child to distinguish between the different states, this app will also introduce them to each capital of states, their geographic locations, and their sizes in comparison to one another.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Moatkin Systems
Download: App Store

6. Kid Genius: 13 in 1

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Kids Genius app

As the name specify, this app has 13 different games comprising of ABCs, Math, Sight Words, Math Whiz, Musical Instruments, Around the House, Science Quiz and more. This app will also help your child to learn about food, animals, plants, music, common words and numbers.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Pilot Fish Media
Download: App Store

7. Toddler Flashcards

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Toddler Flashcards

Now a days parents want that their child should know more languages apart from English. Toddler Flashcard will help your child in learning different languages at the same time.This app will help your child in learning the words for common things in Spanish, French or Chinese, including English; Toddler Flashcards are easy to understand by the user. This app will also help you along with your kid to learn the names of letters, numbers, animals, shapes, colors, food and other things.
Price: $1.99
Developer: iTot Apps
Download: App Store

8. Motion Math

Motion Math 320px Best iPhone Apps For Kids

Motion Math App

Motion Math app turns fractions into a game for your child. This app is very simple to play and this app will help your child to learn about the fractions easily. In this app players place the fractions to their correct places on the number line in order to relocate the stars to its specified spot in the sky which has been fallen from space. The main purpose of this app is to help your children in learning the concept of fractions, how to locate them on the number line and estimate fractions in multiple forms.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Motion Math
Download: App Store

9.Sky View – Explore the Universe

 Best iPhone Apps For Kids

Skyview App

This app is mostly liked by the ambitious youngsters. This app will help your child to know about the universe as its name implies Sky View – Explore the Universe. In this app users are asked to point the I-phone’s camera toward the sky and after pointing the camera, the app will introduces 3-D graphics of the celestial bodies on the phone towards which it is aimed at. After that simply tap on an object to learn more about it. In this app there is one feature i.e. “search and locate” which is quite interesting and this app also include Man-made satellite.
Price: $1.99
Developer: Terminal Eleven
Download: App Store

10.Little Patterns Toys

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Little patterns toys app

This app will help your child in developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This app will help your child in recognizing and completing the patterns with the help of interactive games while enhancing their mental reasoning.
Price: $0.99
Download: App Store

11. Analogy

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Kids Analogy app

This app will help your child in enhancing the analytical thinking. In this app your child will see the things that are different from each other and then they will be asked to find out the relationship between those things which are high-lighted. This kind of app will help your child in enhancing skills such as analytical thinking, perception, spatial skills, problem-solving; memory and creativity and these kinds of puzzles will be quite beneficial because these kinds of puzzles are often seen on IQ and placement tests.
Price: $0.99
Developer: Nth Fusion
Download: App Store

If you think we missed few other best iPhone app for kids that you know then please comment so that we can add those apps too.Do share your experiences if you are using any of these apps to educate your child.