Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps

(Free iPhone Game Apps) iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market including several features in a single device.With its LCD HVGA touchscreen, it gives a much better experience in accessing internet, in watching videos, communication and in playing games. iOS marketplace is also full of games which are really addictive. Many of them are free while rest of them are paid. However, here we will only tell you about the Best Free iPhone Game apps. Free Game apps include games from action,speed,adventure and much more.


With the release of iPhone 5 in the market last year, Apple has provided much bigger screen than the previous iPhones. iPhone 5 camera can now capture still images with much clarity and has a HD video recording. Most of the free game apps are compatible with the new iPhone 5, so now you can play those games on a bigger screen.


Here is a list of few top addictive free game apps which you must have on your device:-

1. Cube First Person Shooter game,Single and multi-player, Fast and awesome graphics. Cube iPhone Game is free. Give it a try.

cube Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
Cube iPhone Game App


2. RhinoBall – Have u seen the movie BOLT? No, watch it. This game is based on that movie in which BOLT shows his action inside the city.

rhinoball Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
Bolt iPhone Game app

3.Canon Challenge – Canon Games are always good to play specially if you are playing them on iPhone with much wider and bigger screen. Velocity and elevation control are the two main things in this game to destroy enemy.

cannon challenge Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
Canon Challenge iPhone 5 Game


4. BlueSkies Lite – In this game, you need to pilot a helicopter which destroys enemy mines, planes and everything which in front of him i.e. you will be doing that. Blueskies Lite is a Free iPhone Game App.

blue skies lite Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
BlueSkies iPhone Game


5. IBasketball – If you know Basketball, then this iPhone game will be interesting as you can play around the world and can basket in different styles.

iBasketball Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
iBasketBall iPhone Game


6. TapDefense – It is a tower defense strategy game. You can play this for hours.

tapdefense Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
TapDefense iPhone Game


7. IGolf – You must already be knowing about GOLF and Tiger woods. Remember one thing, not everyone can put the ball in the hole.

iGolf Best Free iPhone 5 Game Apps
iGolf iPhone Game


Hopefully, you will love this iPhone free games. You can download them from iTunes. Do suggest us if you know any other game which is highly recommended.