Top Free iPhone News Apps

There are tons of free news apps available for iPhone. You can customize these news apps according to your needs. Customizations can be done from general news to industry specific such as music and entertainment. Almost every news channel and paper have online apps for iPhone and iPad. You can watch breaking news, streaming news and localized news after fully customization of your news app on your iPhone. In few of these news app, you can upload your own stories. With all this, you can have business news by apps such as Bloomberg showing everything from stock options to every leading news affecting your business.


 Top Free iPhone News Apps

BBC News App

Here is the list of best free news apps for iPhone:

Out of these 1Cast, ABC news , Bloomberg are general news applications which provide news streaming news videos localized and around the globe while Bloomberg gives news about stock market. MyNews and NewsDesk have top headlines from major news outlets and hence they are really good if you only like to read headlines.

BBC Reader, Canadian Business and iToday are International News applications. On Canadian Business, you get everything about Canada and rest of the world. On iToday, you get news about Singapore and others. BBC Reader is best out of these because once it fetches news from the web and even when you shut down the 3G service, you can read all the news offline.

CincyMobile, Knox News, KPCC Radio and WRAL are local news apps for US cities. These news apps cover regional news mostly but they do cover national news as well as BBC news. If you are more savvy about localized news rather than global than download these apps. Hopefully you will give them a try. Do let us know which ones you are trying.