Best iPhone Apps For Students

Apple’s iphone is the device which is used by majority of students in the USA specially. Students from high school up to college graduates, they always stick to their mobiles and this has made students quite lazy. They seem to order their lunch, dinner and all their stuffs online so that they can save their time. Today for your iPhone there are many apps by which you can order your stuffs, can take notes in a class, record audio notes, can add your class schedule with room and teachers, etc.

As being a college student I deciphered all those apps in the store and figured out some apps which are useful for my studies. Some of these apps are “Evernote”, “istudiez Pro”, “DropBox”,”Wikipedia Mobile”, “Dictionary.Com”etc.

 Best iPhone Apps For Students

Apps for students

Here are some applications for the college students which can help them a lot in their college life.

1. Evernote

 It is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. By this wonderful app you can make your notes and even record audio notes. There is one more feature that you take the photos also. It runs on most of the operating systems including Mac, iOS, Windows, Android. You can upload 60 MB of a data in a month which is more than enough. Means approximately you can upload 50,000 notes, 50 audio clips, 450 medium resolution photos.

2. Dictionary.Com 

 Even if you have a good command in English but sometimes you face difficulty in understanding the meaning of any peculiar words and it’s not so easy to carry the thick oxford dictionary book everywhere. So, to understand the meanings of those peculiar words this app is great and it doesn’t require any internet. It also provides the audio pronunciation of the words.

3. DropBox  

Many times after downloading the photos and videos on your iPhone the phone memory becomes full. So, to overcome this problem we have this app. It allows you to upload virtually any file onto a cloud based server which in future can be accessed by any device with the internet connection. It gives you 2 GB of more storage on your iPhone.

4. Wikipedia Mobile

 To have search on any topic wikipedia  is the most favorite place for the students. This app allows you to  save articles for offline reading and switch easily between languages.

5. iStudiez Pro 

 This app really helps you in to add your entire class schedule along with the room and teacher. Assignments can also be added for each individual appointment so that you can not forget for doing the homeworks and can’t give any excuses. The calendar is also there for you.

6. iTunes U

 By this fabulous app you can download all the lectures, course materials,presentations and related content from top universities.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

To communicate with my mates I think this is the best app. The main thing is that this is free and a lot faster than sending a text. Through this app you can send texts, pictures, audio notes, contacts etc. It costs $0.99 and you will get a lifetime subscription in such a low price for this useful app.

8. LinkedIn

This app is having a simple and nice interface. After finishing the studies from the university you will want a good and decent job and this app can help you here. Professionals can search your profile on the basis of the skills you have added to your profile. To view your connections and other people updates this app is very much useful.

9. Mental Note Lite  

Do you believe in having the notes? If yes then this app will really help you a lot. Whenever you are studying anything and feels like this point or this phrase is important then you can just write it down on this app along with the photos, voice recordings and drawings. You can also export the files in different formats.

10. Amazon  

By being a student you will always search that where and how, you will get the cheaper textbooks. So, my friends just take a pic of the barcode of the book this app  will let you know how and where to get it cheaper. It also allows the selling back of your old used textbooks in exchange of the amazon gift cards.

11. Mint

To manage your weekly and monthly budgets this app is very helpful. This will ensure your control on extra spending and will help you to spend the money in the right way.

12. WolframAlpha

Whenever you want to know about the facts, this app will let you know very quickly rather than having a large article or thesis. You can have the accurate results which is not possible using google or any other search engines.

I hope that this list of apps will help many students out with their studies, will make their life easier and will have the full use of their iPhone.