Top iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Do you love playing games? Of course you do. Everyone does. And we also know that kids are really crazy for games. So apple store provides a lot of games with some knowledgeable content. If you have an iphone then you can get a lot of games for your kids from the apple store. These games help in the mind development of kids. Kids get to know a lot of things about animals, music, vehicles, food and what not. So you can download a number of toddlers game from apple’s store.

Some of the game applications for kids are:

1. Wheels on the bus:


Wheels on the Bus app Top iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Wheels On The Bus

Wheels on the bus is an amazing app for kids. Kids can learn sounds of different instruments like piano, kazoo, violin and cello. So many activities can be done in this game like spinning the wheels of the bus to make it faster or slower, opening and closing of bus door and a lot. Kids can listen to “Bus on the wheels” in different languages and can also record their own voice by singing along the song. By a single tap the people will go up and down the bus. Your kid can enjoy so many other things in this app like helping the baker to serve cakes, wiping away rain drops and a lot of other interesting things. It’s an amazing game for children of age between 2 to 6 years.

2. Where’s Puppy’s Nose :  


Where’s Puppy’s Nose

It’s a really entertaining game for kids. It is also very knowledgeable as it teaches the kids about nose, eyes, ear, mouth, foot, hand, head and tummy. The puppy and kitty in the game will teach the kids about the body parts. This game is really very easy to play. So the kids who are lucky to have an iphone can play this game. Playing this game does not require much effort. To interact with animals the kids can tilt, slide or tap the screen. The background music of game and the giggling of animals make the kids more delightful.

3. Talking Tom Cat:


Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom cat app is really very funny and of course entertaining. Whatever kids say, tom will repeat the same sentence but in a very funny voice. And when nothing is said for few seconds the tom start yawning. This app is really entertaining and funny.

4. Curious George at The Zoo:


 Top iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Curious George At The Zoo

Curious George at the zoo is the game where kids can learn about different animals. In the game, the George at the zoo performs all the activities like cleaning and feeding the animals. George needs your kid’s help to wake up and perform all these activities. George visits the animals’ enclosure and wake up the animals by patting and talking to them. Kids also come to know about the different foods of different animals. What they eat and what not. The zoo in the game is really fun and it teaches a lot to your kids. The zoo in the game is really fun. This app is perfect for kids.

5. Make Me A Superhero:


 Top iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Make me a superhero

Make Me A Superhero app is for you if you ever wanted to become a superhero. If you always imagined yourself in your favorite heroic costume, with a lot of weapons, accessories and of course superpower, then this game is perfect as these things can be done in this iphone app. You can also name your character and can select everything for him like boots, pants and shirts, helmet, cape or wings, and superpower. This application is a very good time pass and entertaining too.