Windows Taskbar Tool Tips and Tricks

Windows taskbar provides few awesome features to make our computing experience faster. Here are two tricks that will surely help you out and you are really going to like it. You can create toolbar shortcuts from windows taskbar. Toolbar can be of any type. It may be either a folder toolbar or url toolbar. You simply need to follow few steps to make it work. Suppose there is a folder in your computer that you access a lot then you can have it in your taskbar just like internet browsers.

1. Create Folder Toolbar in Windows Taskbar

It’s an easy way to access your folders on the system without opening Windows Explorer. This is very easy and also saves a lot of time as you can directly open without entering computer.

It works in Windows XP:

1. Right Click on your Taskbar. Taskbar is the area between start and notification area.

2. Click Toolbars.

3. Click on New Toolbar.

4. A new windows will appear allowing you to choose the folder that you wish to make a toolbar.Suppose you want a folder in your E drive then simply go to E drive, select the folder and click ok.

5. Click OK.

Now you can see the new toolbar in your system tray which will be the folder name you just selected. If you want to remove the toolbar simply repeat steps 1 and 2 and uncheck the toolbar and it will disappear.

2. Create URL Toolbar Shortcut to Windows Taskbar

Adding a URL Address bar to your taskbar makes your work a whole lot easier. It can be easily added in windows XP. If the URL address bar is added to your taskbar you can directly type in the address without opening the browser first. Web pages can be launched right from there.

You can also launch some windows applications same way which you normally do via the run menu such as calc to launch the calculator or mspaint to launch Microsoft Paint. 

Here’s the steps as how you add the address bar in your taskbar

1. Right-click on Your taskbar, select Toolbars, and then click on Address.

2. Now the Address will be visible on your taskbar.

3. You need to Double click it to access it.

4. If it doesn’t work, that means your taskbar is locked. Simply right click on taksbar and uncheck lock the taskbar.

NOTE: If it still doesn’t appear then you need to drag the dotted lines to the left side, once you do that then it will be visible.